Made fresh daily, our handcrafted gourmet popcorn is air popped from non-GMO corn. But this delicious product is more than just a joy to your taste buds – all proceeds go to SAY Detroit. Thank you! — Mitch Albom

Butter Me Up

Handmade for the perfect amount of buttery goodness. So delicious, you don’t even need a movie!
gluten free


Rich caramel popcorn homemade hot every day from all natural ingredients. Perfectly crunchy, just right sweetness. Will brighten any cold afternoon.
gluten free

Cheese Louise!

Made with real sharp cheddar cheese, not powder. Melted every day into a savory and delicious snack. Perfect for lunch break or munch break!
gluten free


The irresistible blend of sweet and savory, homemade caramel joining cheddar cheese popcorn. It started in Chicago, but we perfected it in Detroit! Two beats one!
gluten free

Mr. Mitch's Nutty Munch

Exclusive blend of rich caramel popcorn, fresh pecans, almonds, and salted pretzels make this a one-of-a-kind Motor City treat. Warning: once you start munching, it’s hard to stop!

Pretzel Salty Caramel

The salty goodness of a Philly pretzel, the crunchy sweet of your favorite caramel. An irresistible combination!

Peanut Butter Krunch

Creamy peanut butter taste, old fashioned popcorn crunch. What a combo!
gluten free

Double Drizzle

Double your chocolate – dark and white – double your fun (and sweetness!)
gluten free


Chocolate cookie crumbles and white chocolate drizzle make it a sweet nostalgia crunch.

Cocoa Popped!

Amazing chocolate flavored gourmet treat, like a bowl of Cocoa Puffs meets a bowl of popcorn! Yum!
gluten free

Cinnamon Bun

The Scandinavian classic unrolls for a sweet and crunchy treat. 

gluten free

Krazy Kettle

Just like the old days, the perfect light blend of sweet and salty. Impossible to stop eating!
gluten free

J's Sweet BBQ

Like the best of any BBQ rub, paprika and onions will have your mouth watering for summer grilling when you try this sweet and tangy crunch.
gluten free

Na-Cho Do-Ree-To!

A bold and zesty blend of spices and seasoning for a flavor that’ll turn up the zing in your afternoon snack.
gluten free

Mama's Strawberry Shortcake

A very berry flavor just pops in your mouth when our popcorn is topped with strawberry shortcake crumbles and finished with a drizzle of sweet and creamy white chocolate. 


"Now That's a Fire!" BBQ

How hot can you go?

Spicy Cheese

A bite (or more) of spice heats up our classic cheese-y goodness.

Sour Apple

This hard candy taste and sweet crunch will have you puckering your lips. 

Caramel Appleicious

Voted overwhelmingly the *favorite* flavor pairing for fall by Detroit Water Ice customers, this sweet and tangy popcorn packs a crisp apple punch of Sour Apple cut with buttery rich caramel of Caramelicious!.


Small Bag (12 oz)

Available at Detroit Water Ice Factory locations and Plum Market stores

Large Bag (18 oz)

Available at Brown Bag Popcorn and Detroit Water Ice Factory locations.

The Mall Walker

Available only at Brown Bag Popcorn at the Somserset Collection

Small Tin (1 Gallon)

Available at Brown Bag Popcorn and Detroit Water Ice Factory and online at brownbagpopcorn.com

Large Tin (2 Gallon)

Available at Brown Bag Popcorn and Detroit Water Ice Factory and online at brownbagpopcorn.com

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