100% of profits help Detroiters in need

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Dessert for Every Occasion!

Work with us to plan your dessert table with Brown Bag Popcorn and/or water ice and you’ll be celebrating and giving to charity at the same time!

Dear Friends of Brown Bag Popcorn:

Somerset Collection has announced its temporary closing today. As a result, our Brown Bag Popcorn store (third floor) will be closed at least through March 27th. We will however keep running a limited production operation, so we can offer special less expensive online deals to send you tins of popcorn should you need your fix of our delicious product, and want to continue to help Detroiters in need.

In keeping with SAY Detroit’s mission to serve our neighbors most in need, we have partnered with Somerset Collection to distribute our remaining popcorn supply to homeless and hungry Detroiters.

We take community and citizenship seriously, and want to do our part in fighting against the current challenge. We hope to reopen soon, and will share  updates on our website and social media regarding reopening, as well as ways to continue supporting your favorite Brown Bag Popcorn, Detroit Water Ice Factory, and SAY Detroit.


Great POPCORN. Best cheese popcorn I have ever had!

— Meg J’s ★★★★★ Review on Google

What a fantastic concept!

— Kristin B’s ★★★★★ Review on Google

Love this place…bought 7 bags of popcorn for neighborhood Christmas gifts…only 6 made it home …

— Ellen B’s ★★★★  Review on Facebook

The staff is always friendly 🙂

— Ashley S’s ★★★★★ Review on Google

I love this place! All profits go to organizations around Detroit, so I love going and supporting the city in this way!

— Kara W’s ★★★★★ Review on Yelp

Waited on by the fantastic Mr. Mitch himself. The cheddar/caramel mix is the best. Better than Garrett’s in Chicago.

— Jacqueline S’s ★★★★★ Review on Facebook

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